Top 3 OXO Salad Spinners

Salad spinners are another secret weapon in the kitchen (beyond having a good knife, which is what we’re all about). Not only is a good, reliable spinner a time saver as it allows you to wash in a fraction of the time, but it is also a tool to improve your salads, as it gets them rinsed and drier than you ever could if you were going it by hand.

Now, for those who maybe don’t know too much about the world of salad spinners, there is one company that is largely dominant: OXO.

So, we have summarised the top 3 OXO salad spinners in the table below, and we’ve also got some more detail at end of the table.

Good Grips Green Good Grips Clear OXO Steel
Good Grips Green Good Grips Clear OXO Steel
Color: Green Color: Clear Color: Silver
One hand operation, pump and break One hand operation, pump and break One hand operation, pump and break
Non-slip knob locks down for compact storage Knob locks down for storage when not in use; stacking allowed Lid lets you see inside, comes apart for cleaning and nice polished look
H750 x L1050 x L1050 H725 x L1150 x L1150 H750 x L1050 x L1050
More Info More Info More Info

Small, Medium or Large OXO Salad Spinners

What’s great about this brand is they make some of the best all-round kitchen kit in the world. It’s never the most expensive, nor is it ever the cheapest. It’s not always the most attractive, but it’s always quite stylish. Because they are so committed to creating such great kitchenware you are able to get their products for either Small, Medium or Large requirements.

If you are just cooking for 1 or 2 people, we’d definitely recommend going in for the smaller one; even though some of these are more compact, they still take up a fair chunk of cupboard/storage space

Not everyone will want to dedicate that much storage to a salad spinner

As great as we think these bits of kit are, there are more important things in your kitchen, so if you’re super tight on space, it may not be the best fit for you!

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