Shun Kaji Steak Knives

Shun Kaji Steak Knives

We have recently been featuring a number of different steak knives (you can see our comprehensive write up over here) and as a result we are reviewing and showcasing a number of different select products.

Remember that we do have our epic page on The Best Steak Knives which documents the best bits of meat-cutting-cutlery for different budgets.

Shun is one of the higher end knife makers and you will find them littered through tho site as a testament to exceptional design and build quality - they use super high grade steel, tried and tested forging and knife making techniques which can be traced back hundreds of years and most of all they make some absolutely beautiful looking stuff.

These Kaji Steak knives are no exception, and for anyone look to really wow their dinner guests - or indeed kit out a high end restaurant with some top quality steak knives - this range should be firmly in your sights.

Shun Kaji Review Breakdown

So, let’s bring you up to speed on these steak knives.

First and foremost they are produced by Shun, one of the bigger Japanese kitchen knife manufacturers. Typically we think of Shun and Global as being the main players in this space, but they are the companies with the biggest international footprint so they float to the top of our minds more frequently. However, we can pretty much guarantee you that the very best Japanese kitchen knives never leave Japan as they are so lovingly crafted that there is not enough supply to reach other markets.

Shun (and Global) are well known for using super high grade steel which is both super sharp (careful) and tough - often we see sharp knives that can be more cheaply made but are remarkably brittle meaning that they damage easier, are more liable to break and degrade quicker and ultimately will need replace.

So, all in - you do not need to worry about sharpness with these knives!

You can see from the picture here that the steak knives are full tang - meaning the blade runs from the top right through to the base of the handle - it is all a single piece of folded steel so you are not going to have any problems with the knife handle being disconnected with the rest of the body. We can see a double rivet to keep the handle in place, and beautifully crafted wood/acrylic wood in the handle itself.

Of course, the styling is typically Japanese and has a very strong resemblance to a Shun Santoku Knife, and the extra detailing on the blade gives these knives a really special finish and feel.

These knives are incredibly well made and will serve you well for decades to come - they are high recommended and can be picked up from Amazon

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