Misen Knife on Amazon

We've just done a quick wrap up of the Misen Kitchen Knife and one thing that remains to be seen is who will be carrying and selling this much-hyped knife.  Whilst Kickstarter is a great choice for getting the round of funding required to get the product off the ground, the longer term sales of the knife - and ultimately its success - is surely going to be driven by their advertising channels and stockists.

Because Misen - as a relatively small and new company - won't have the established brand and turnover of the bigger kitchen knife companies (Shun, Global, Wusthof etc) they will be at a bigger risk of trading instability/relying on a single product.  This in turn will then obviously impact their long term prospects.

So, we won't be surprised when Amazon sign up to be a Misen distributor (or rather, Misen approach Amazon) as it makes perfect sense, and hopefully the buzz and word of mouth around this product will drive enough custom there for them to survive with less established physical sales channels.

Watch this space!!