Laguiole Steak Knives

Laguiole Steak Knives

In the world of steak knives and kitchen knife cutlery, one name stands above the rest as almost ubiquitous when it comes to quality and tradition. This French brand, Laguiole, has been going for a lot longer than any of us has been around, and looks set to continue well in to the future.

TThey are known for producing some of the best elegant and at the same time utilitarian knives for a variety of different tasks (for example, they do a great carving knife and fork set, cheese knives and other kitchen knives), but they are most well known for their beautifully crafted steak knives.

It is quite common, inane higher end restaurant, to be tucking in to your steak with a Laguiole knife, and hopefully after reading this you might take a moment to stop and inspect your cutlery in a bit more detail, because they are remarkable bits of craftsmanship.

Traditionally, Laguiole steak knives are known for their two-piece steel blade, with the bang extending back in to your hand which is then encased in wood and bolted together. You often see them in an array of bright colors and different style. Now, here comes one big difference that has brought some naysayers out of the wood work to criticise this huge French company.

And rightly so, perhaps? Once upon a time these were expertly hand made examples of exceptional craftsmanship whose quality and design set them apart from other steak knives. However, with the challenge of reaching an ever expanding market (certainly has steak has become more accessible in the developed world, although this could be something that we start to see contract in the future as a result of livestock depletion and methane gas release), a lot of Laguiole knives you come across these days are now acrylic based handles and they are no longer hand crafted in France but factory-live produced in China.

This definitely puts Laguiole and their steak knives in a bit of a difficult situation as on one hand they have these beautiful hand crafted steak knives which everyone loves and were no doubt instrumental in making them an internationally recognised brand. However, now these is being diluted with less-than-ideal quality of the plastic handled knives which, too be honest, no longer offer the quality you would expect for an item at this kind of price point (even the acrylic handled knives are still quite expensive for the average consumer).

So, it’s a bit of a tale of two halves really. The older range, and the more expensive range of Laguiole steak knives are really something to behold, but the modern variations are more worth the investment if you want the iconic look and feel (plastic not wood, remember!) of these famous meat-cutters.

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