Misen Kitchen Knife Review

Misen Kitchen Knife Review

We've heard a lot this last few weeks about what may be the biggest disruption to the kitchen knife world since...ever.

Misen is a small New York based startup that blasted through their $25k funding target on Kickstarter for producing a $65 retail kitchen knife that will compete with the hundreds-of-dollars knives we see on the market from the likes of Shun and Global.  You should really watch their video - as an aside this is probably the most stirring video about a kitchen knife you'll ever see.  Whilst there's only a $25 benefit to backing them now, it seems a dead certain that this knife will go on and conquer the world.  It's such a high funding campaign that they should be well placed to execute on the manufacture process.

Needless to say, as soon as we are able to get it in our hands, we'll be giving it a thorough review!  In the mean time, take the word of Serious Eats:

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to call it: This is the holy grail of inexpensive chef's knives. Incredible quality and design, high-end materials, perfect balance, and a razor-sharp edge.

That's right, $65 for a knife that can go head to head with my $180 Misono UX-10 or my $120 Wüsthof and come out the other end barely breaking a sweat.