Looking for new knives on Reddit

There's a good - and up to date - discussion over on Reddit on which entry level chef's knife to go for.  Of course everyone is weighing in with their own opinion, but this comment from Thereisnobathroom stood out as being quite interesting 

Remember, a lot of times the 300 dollar shuns from Williams and Sonoma are often times a much worse deal than carbon steel Japanese knives you can get for MUCH cheaper. Get a 1000 grit and 6000 grit whetstone, start with a cheap white #1 knife, and really teach yourself with the wonderful aid of the Internet how to sharpen. After sharpening steel like that, and going to cut something, you'll have a sharper knife than you could ever imagine. (I cook in a professional kitchen for a living so maybe that's why I'm obsessed haha) Regardless, getting a knife like that allows you to kind of build a relationship with it and make taking care of it a part of the cooking process

Check it out

It's not often that you'll find people challenge the status quo of some of the more established brands, but this shows that a little knowledge, skill and patience can get you a great knife experience at a fraction of the cost.