Best Kitchen Knives 2015

A new year is upon us (or, nearly upon us depending on where you are reading this)! As you may or may not know, hearalding a new year doesn't generally mean much for the world of kitchen knives; only that there might be a few new sets circulating around and getting broken in in the kitchen following christmas.

As much as we wished here at Kitchen Knife Review that a whole new range of knives where released for us to salivate over, the reality is we generally just have to carry on using and buying the same kitchen knives we have for the last few years.

That said, it's a great opportunity to remind ourselves of some of the best kitchen knives to buy for various budgets; it doesn't change much year to year as we've said but it's a good refresher.

So, without further ado (there is some more info further below), we can present the top 3 best kitchen knives for 2015. Bear in mind that these aren't the best kitchen knives in the world, just that they are (from right to left) the best in the budget category.

Victorinox Fibrox Henckels Classic Shun Classic
Affordable pricing Quality mid-range Higher end chef's knife
8 inch blade 8 inch blade 8 inch blade
Conical ground blade Hot drop forge blade VG10 steel; 32 steel layers on top
Ergonomic, slip-free handle Full tang, triple rivet Black PakkaWood handle + damascus steel blade
Hand wash recommended Best to hand wash DON'T DISHWASHER IT!
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Now you'll be able to see that we have just covered the most useful of all kitchen knives - the mid-size chef's knife (or santoku knife if you want to use the Japanese terminology as the Shun model will). Of course there are other knives (paring knife, vegetable, boning, larger chef's etc) in each of the ranges above (Fibrox, Classic, Classic) but if you want to get your foot in door with a quality kitchen knife in 2015 it has to be with a chef's knife!

Hopefully that gives you a good wrap up of the best ranges of kitchen knives in 2015; as always, get in touch with any comments or suggestions!